Light Trapping Report

Event held in November 2021, in Kings Park

Beetles at light trapping event (a) Longicorn beetle from Uracanthini.  (b) and €  Sceleocantha pilosicolis. Longicorn beetle. (c) Rhinotia suturalis. Weevil. (d) Phyllococerus purparascens. Chafer beetle. (f) Conderus sp. Click beetle. (g) Anticidae, Ant-like beetle. (h) Unknown beetle. Photographs by Sue Jaggar (all except (g)) and Daniel Heald (g).

Ten members of WAISS went on a light trapping evening in Kings Park.

We observed over 50 species, mostly moths, but some beetles, ants, flies and even an owlfly and pygmy mantis.

The report from this event is available below (6MB):