Insect of the Month

January 2022

Bembicinus sp

Bembicinus sp observed in Westralia Conservation Park (near Collie) by Sue Jaggar. Bembicinae are sandwasps, they dig nests in the sand, lay eggs on a sand pedicel inside the nest and collect insects (like Hemiptera (true bugs) or grasshoppers) to pack in the nests with their eggs so that the young have food when they emerge. In this image the wasp is extending the nest. They are active between 25 and 45oC. They nest in aggregation. I saw 5 or 6 wasps active in the same area.

December 2021

Neosardus paramonovi

A Bombyliidae (beefly) observed in Lesueur National Park by Sue Jaggar. Bombyliidae are pollinators as adults and parasitoids of other insects during their larval stage. More research is required to determine the hosts for larvae of many Bombyliidae species.