Chairperson: Daniel Heald,

Interim Secretary: Rob Sandri,

Treasurer: Vanessa Jokovich,

Please send membership forms to the email for the secretary (above) or by post to

WA Insect Study Society
c/o Department of Entomology
WA Museum
Locked Bag 49, Welshpool DC, WA, 6986

One thought on “Contact

  1. Hello! I have been speaking with the lovely Brian Heterick and he recommended I contact you to source some photos. I am woking on interpretation panels for the Wellington National Park and we are focusing on the bullant. I have a list of the specific ones we need and wondered if you have any photos (good close ups) we could use? My email is
    This is the list!
    Myrmecia clarki
    Myrmecia desertorum
    Myrmecia chasei
    Myrmecia elegans
    Myrmecia gratiosa
    Myrmecia infima
    Myrmecia mandibularis
    Myrmecia picticeps
    Myrmecia nigriscapa
    Myrmecia swalei
    Myrmecia swalei
    Myrmecia urens

    Thank you and kindest regards,


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