Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 WAISS Photography Competition.

Scientific Category

First Prize: Dragonfly metamorphosis by Karen Cullen

This stunning image was a deserving winner. Possibly Hemianax papuensis (Australian Emperor), based on the exoskeleton. Taken at 11pm at Herdsman Lake.

Second Prize: Clouded coachman family by Margaret Owen

A great find, well captured. Both the male and female Anestia ombrophanes together, with the female laying eggs. Taken in September 2020.

Third Prize: Native Bee by Kerry Stuart

Euhesma (Euhesma) tubulifera. Belonging to the family Colletidae. Photographed on Calothamnus sp. (One-sided bottle-brush) in Creyk Park, Kelmscott. The bee has a long “drinking straw” proboscis which it is inserting between the tightly packed stamen bundles (thanks to Terry Houston for this information).

Artistic Category

First Prize: Life and Death by Norm Pinsky

This amazing image of a damselfly trapped in a Drosera won the Artistic competition

Second Prize: Katydid by Terry Houston

I love the colours in this photo of Tinzeda sp; photographed in November on the margin of Lake Grace among flowers of a Frankenia sp.

Third Prize: Cicada by Kerry Stuart

Kobonga umbrimargo on Acacia pulchella (prickly moses) in Creyk Park, Kelmscott.

Phone Category

First Prize: Rifle bug by Daniel Heald

Microvelia sp. also known as a small water Strider (Veliidae). This is only 2mm long and standing on and reflected in water at Ambergate Reserve south of Busselton. Daniel has done well to capture this tiny, moving insect and to be able to enlarge it to fill the frame of the photo.

Second Prize: Hoverflies by Lachie Perry

Mating Simosyrphus grandicornis on avocado farm in Busselton. These pollinators were out in huge numbers this year.

Third Prize: Lynx spider by Lachie Perry

Hiding in an Acacia waiting for a meal.