2019 WAISS Photo Competition

The annual WAISS photo competition is already off to a flying start! Entries are flooding in from near and far! The judges are awestruck by artistic beauty, scientific interest, and incredible things that can be done with mobile phones! They are tugging their beards and muttering at each other! Word on the street is that even 16 prizes might not be enough! 🙂

Members of WAISS are most welcome to enter, if you’re not currently a member, membership details and forms can be found at https://waiss.org/join/ , prizes and rules are outlined below, and if you require further information, feel free to contact the President, Secretary, or Treasurer.

WAISS Photography Competition 2018-19 Prizes and Rules :

The total prize pool will be $350, with an additional honorable mention and free year’s membership in each category.

Prizes in adult categories will be $50, $30, and $20 for first, second, and third. Prizes in the junior category will be $25, $15, and $10.

Categories –
Subject/Scientific Interest

Entry is open to WAISS members.

Photographs must be the work of the member submitting them.

Photographs must be of Western Australian insects.

Photographs should be submitted at the largest file size and resolution possible.

Entrants for phone and junior categories should point out their eligibility.

Entrants for the subject category should point out the scientific significance of the subject.

Senior entries will automatically be considered for multiple categories if appropriate, but each photo may only win one prize.

Criteria for judgement may include artistic merit, scientific notability, best portrait, best action shot, etc.

Composite photos are permitted.

A maximum of 3 photographs per entrant will be accepted.

Please submit photos in .jpg format via email to waisspresident@gmail.com by 31 January.

Please include details of where each photo was taken, species if known, and label each photo/file with your name.